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Binance USDT Gift Card


Buy a Binance USDT Gift Card, Instant Email Delivery!



Buy Binance USDT Gift Card

If you want to gift someone or receive cryptocurrency for yourself in a super-fast and customizable way without any charges or fees, the Binance USDT gift card should be on your top priority list. The best part of this gift card is that you can still use it no matter whether you are a Binance or non-Binance user. And on top of that, Binance is the most popular and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange network in the world, so you can trust this network blindly.

Instant Delivery

Our Binance USDT Gift Card are digitally scanned and e-mailed worldwide. You can directly redeem and use with no delay.

Secure payment

We process all purchases with encryption so your payment information is never stored on our servers.


The gift card will never expire. Whenever is the most convenient time for you to use it, feel free to do so.

With more than 100 positive reviews by users and highly trusted cryptocurrency exchange networks, Binance not only has a huge range of cryptos, including USDT, but this network also offers a bundle of trading features and financial services. So, if you are someone who is making online payments or trading more often, you will surely need a stablecoin to minimize the risk, right? USDT is definitely a great option in this case, as it’s widely used, renowned, and an accepted cryptocurrency globally.

So, don’t think too much. Get an exclusive Binance USDT Gift Card from our store and safely make transactions and trade online.

Tired of looking for great deals on Binance USDT gift cards online? In case you missed it, our store has a huge collection of several gift cards, including Binance USDT gift cards, ranging from $50 all the way to $150. So don’t be late and grab your most-awaited Binance USDT gift card now before it stocks out.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased the gift card from our store, and now you are anxiously waiting for the Binance gift card’s code, right?

With our super-fast delivery system, we will send the code immediately to your email within 1-3 minutes. If it takes longer than 1-3 minutes, look in your “Spam” folder.

You can easily redeem your Binance gift card in two ways.
1. Redeem to Crypto
2. Redeem and convert to Fiat

Method 1: Redeem to Crypto
All you need to do is redeem the crypto loaded onto your gift card on your Binance app with zero fees. Let’s say someone gifts you a Binance gift card with 3 bitcoin. You can redeem the entire amount of bitcoin without incurring any fees. The crypto you redeem will be sent to your Binance funding wallet after redemption.

How to Redeem to Crypto on Your Binance App
1. Log in to your Binance account.
2. Tap Profile, then “Gift Card.”
3. You are now on the Gift Card page; click Redeem, then Redeem to Crypto.
4. Enter the code of the gift card and tap Add.

Method 2: Redeem and Convert to Fiat
If you don’t want to use crypto, you can convert your gift into fiat when you redeem the Binance gift card. For example, if you get a Binance gift card with 3 bitcoin, you can redeem it and then convert it into your local currency. After the procedures, you can withdraw your fiat from the Binance app.

How to Redeem and Convert to Fiat
Note: This feature is currently available on the Binance app only.
1. Log in to your Binance app.
2. Tap Profile, then Gift Card.
3. Click Redeem, then Redeem & Convert to Fiat.
4. Enter the redemption code of the gift card and click Add.
Now, find your new redeemed fiat in your Funding Wallet.

With a wide range of cryptos, including the widely used and popular cryptocurrency USDT, and a bunch of trading features and financial services, Binance is one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchange networks in the world right now. If you want to buy for yourself or want to gift others a Binance USDT gift card but don’t have a clue where to find it? Check out our shop to get the Binance USDT gift card with the best deals and enjoy trading or online payments securely.

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